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Volume 5 Issue 3, May 2015

Chemistry Journal



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Synthesis Characterization and Antibacterial Activity of New Benzo[b] Furan-Hydrazones

V. Krishna Reddy, J. Venkateswara Rao, L. Bhaskar Reddy, B. Ram and B Balram

Pages 40-45

Liquid-Liquid Extraction and Spectrophotometric Determination of Molybden-um with 2, 6-Dithiolphenol and its Derivatives in the Presence of Hydrophobic Amines

Kerim A. Kuliev, Nailya A. Verdizadeh and Afat B. Gadjieva

Pages 46-53


Synthesis Characterization and Antibacterial Activity of New Benzo[b] Furan-Hydrazones


Benzo[b]furan-based molecules have been synthesized and tested for their biological activities. In this paper we describe the synthesis of novel benzofuran-carbohydrazides conjugates and tested for their anti-bacterial activities. The outcome of the screening of eleven new benzo[b]furan carbohydrazide derivatives (6a-6k) synthesized from commercially available 1,3,5-trimethoxy benzene against four bacterial strains i.e. Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Sta-phylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes have been repor-ted. It is observed that the benzo[b] furan carbohydrazides (6a-6k), incorporated with the substituent’s such as 4-F, 4-OMe, 4-OH, 3,4,5-trimethoxy and 4-SO2-CH3 exhibited excellent antibacterial activity while the compounds having the substituent’s 2-Br, 2-I, 4-Br, 4-Cl, 4-CN and 2,5-difluoro displayed moderate antibacterial activity.


Benzo[b] Furan Carbohydrazide, 1,3,5-Trimethoxybenzene, 5-Iodovanillin, Antibact-erial Activity


Liquid-Liquid Extraction and Spectrophotometric Determi-nation of Molybdenum with 2, 6-Dithiolphenol and its Deri-vatives in the Presence of Hydrophobic Amines


The mixed-ligand complexes of Molybdenum (VI) with 2, 6-dithiolp-henol (DTP) and its derivatives {(2, 6-dithiol-4-methylphenol (DTMP) and 2, 6-dithiol-4-tert-buthylphenol (DTBP)} in the presen-ce of hydrophobic amines have been investigated by spectrophotom-etric method. The condition of complexing and extraction, physical-chemical and analytical characteristics of this complex have been found. As hydrophobic amines aniline (An), N-metilaniline (mAn), N, N-dimetilaniline (dAn), o-toluidine (o-Tol), m-toluidine (m-Tol) and p-toluidine (p-Tol) were used. It has been found that mixed-ligand complex was formed in weakly acidic medium (pH 3.1-5.3). Maximum of light absorption observed at 525-548 nm. The calculat-ed molar absorptivities (emax) belong to the interval (4.6-5.4) x 104. The extraction-photometric methods of Molybdenum determination have been worked out. The influence of diverse ions on determinati-on of Molybdenum has been studied. The proposed method was applied successfully to determine amount of Molybdenum in steel and in soil.


Molybdenum, 2,6-Dithiolphenol, 2,6-Dithiol-4-Methylfenol, 2,6-Dithiol-4-Tret-Buth-yl Phenol,  Mixed-Ligand Complexes, Extraction-Photometric Method, Determinati-on