List of pending papers CJ

The Following paper are pending:

1. Electrochemical relaxation study on the electrosynthesised methylthiophene and bromothiophene as conducting copolymer

2. A Brief Antioxidant and antihistamine profile of biologically active triazole compounds

3. Anti-inflammatory and Acute Toxicity Study of Organotin(IV) Complexes: A Review

4. Approaches to Understanding Mechanisms between Environmental ChemicalExposure and Brain Development

5. Rapid assessment of cell viability based on glucoseconsumptionmeasurementusing adiabetes blood glucometer 

6. Chrysophyllum cainito (Star apple) leaf extract mediated green synthesis of gold nanoparticles and its application as green catalyst

7. Synthesis, Spectroscopic and Antimicrobial Properties of Some Metal(II) Complexes of  Mixed Ligands -Nicotinic and N,N’-Dimethyldithiocarbamic Acids 

8. Studies on Some Metal(II) Complexes of Mixed Ligands- Benzoic and N, N’-Dimethyldithiocarbamic acids 

9. Anti-inflammatory and Acute Toxicity Study of Organotin(IV) Complexes: A Review

10. Lignocellulosic waste of rice milling industry as a new biosorbent for caesium (I) extraction from aqueous media