Journal of Biology (ISSN 2052-0751)

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Scientific Journals (SJ) has launched a new peer-review-ed online journal, Journal of Biology (JB) (ISSN 2052-0751). It is an International refereed research journal, dedicated to the latest adva-ncement of all theoretical and scientific aspects of Bio-logical Sciences. The object-ives of the journal are to pr-omote and publish original high quality research and to provide a forum to research-ers and industry practition-ers for exchanging ideas, knowledge, and experience.

We welcome original resear-ch and industry experienced papers. Those who are inte-rested to publish their resea-rch papers online are requ-ested to send their original research papers to JB. 


Original research worked undertaken by students of Master of Science (M.Sc.), M. Phil and Ph.D. shall be given priority. All papers after approval from reviewers/ editors shall be published online.

If you want to publish your Research Papers related to all Biological Sciences, JB is the best choice for you. For the scope of JB and other details please do visit the Scope of Journal of Biology Page.